Ashley Latter's - Ethical Sales & Communication 2 day live course

Date: 22 Mar 2024 8:45am - 23 Mar 5:15pm GMT+12 Auckland, Wellington

Dentists & Specialists

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Hygienists, Oral Health Therapists, Dental Assistants and Practice Managers

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What makes a good dentist?

A great dentist goes way beyond his or her technical expertise. Studies at The Carnegie Institute of Technology revealed that about 15 percent of one’s financial success is due to technical knowledge and about 85 percent is due to skill in “human engineering”. In other words, your vast clinical knowledge can mean very little if a patient can’t trust and build rapport with you and they cannot understand you.

A great dentist must be able to communicate with self-confidence, clarity, and reassurance and good interpersonal skills are perhaps THE most essential quality. They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. These skills are typically not taught at dental school.

Since 1997, tens of thousands of dentists and their teams have taken part in this unique two-day course which ultimately helps Dentists, Orthodontists, Treatment Coordinators and their teams create more opportunities within their dental practices, improve their uptake of treatment plans, achieve the fees their services deserve and deal confidently with patient objections. All this will ultimately improve the bottom-line results. It is probably the most sought-after programme in UK Dentistry and around the world.

If you wish to treat more patients with cosmetic treatments such as Orthodontics, Implants and other treatments, then this is a must attend programme.

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DAY ONE - Introduction

  • Discover the six biggest communication mistakes made by dentists
  • What is the ideal profile of someone who is successful in dental sales?
  • Learn how to operate outside the comfort zone and develop extra self-belief and confidence
  • Develop a more positive attitude of success and achievement
  • Set course goals

Building Rapport

  • Develop the skills to build relationships with potential clients
  • Develop the techniques to build credibility quickly
  • Develop the skills to lower client resistance/nervousness and win them over to our way of thinking
  • Build rapport with patients of all different personality styles
  • Get patients to like you instantly and stand out from the competition
  • Understand the importance of preparation

Ask the right questions to create opportunities

  • To understand the vital role effective questions play in selling our services/products
  • Learn how to lead your client through a comfortable, natural series of questions designed to get the information you need
  • Develop the skills so that the client buys into our services and sees the need to take urgent action
  • Become a much more effective listener
  • Discover the six emotional reasons why patients buy cosmetic treatment

Communicate in the language that excites your patients

  • Develop unique solutions to needs and buying criteria
  • Become creative when presenting our solutions to our clients
  • Become a more persuasive and powerful communicator in all situations.
  • Learn how to use evidence to back up what we say
  • Discover the language to excite and influence your patient, learn what deters them from taking up your treatment
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, eliminate waffle and technical jargon
  • Develop the correct language that excites and influences your patients to take action NOW


  • Communicate your fees with self–confidence and achieve the income your services deserve
  • Understand that patients don’t buy on price
  • Understand what is important to patients when they make decisions
  • Know your numbers
  • Communicate value when presenting your fees and eliminate price objections
  • Become more confident when discussing fees and never reduce the price in your head again
  • Develop 12 strategies that will make you feel more comfortable talking money and achieve the prices your services deserve
  • Learn how to charge more than your competitors and still hear a YES

Gaining Commitment in an Ethical Way

  • Learn how to gain patient commitment to your treatment with ease
  • Develop a process where patient buys into your services
  • Making closing easy and seamless, get the patient saying yes to the treatment, without hard closing techniques.

Overcoming all your objections

  • Identify hidden objections
  • Learn the skills to effectively resolve objections and create
  • Think on your feet and demonstrate self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop a five step approach to overcome all your patients objections
  • Understand the six different price objections and learn how to overcome each one with confidence

Follow up and World Class Customer Service

  • Learn how to follow up effectively
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Learn how to ask for referrals and build a pipeline of new clients to your door.
  • Provide a world class patient experience
  • Create a seamless patient journey so that the baton never gets dropped.

Apply the Sales Process

  • Apply the whole process from start to finish
  • Develop new that stick
  • Set performance goals
  • Learn how to get 5 star google reviews and video testimonials, and have patients delighted to do them for you

Date:                Friday 22nd and Saturday 23 March 202
Time:               8.45am start / finish time 5.15pm (times are approximate and will be confirmed closer to the event)
Novotel Auckland Airport, Ray Emery Drive, Auckland Airport
Parking:          Is available at car park C or D for approximately $50 or there is the option of Park and Fly/Park and Ride for around $32. This parking charge is not included in your course fee.
CPD:               15 hours

Cost:             Dentists/Specialists $3,300NZD and Hygienists/Oral Health Therapists/Dental Assistants/Practice Managers $1,995NZD includes gst
                      For a limited time, when you register and pay to attend, you can bring a non-dentist from your practice for free. Use promo code ALFRIEND

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Presenter: Ashley Latter

Ashley Latter started his business coaching career working for the legendary Dale Carnegie Training Organisation, joining them in 1993. He had three roles for them in sales, he was a four course instructor and also an International Master Trainer. This meant that he travelled extensively world-wide, coaching delegates to become trainers. This is the highest position that can be bestowed on a Dale Carnegie careerist.

In 1997 two dentists attended Ashley’s Two Day Ethical Sales and Communication Programme in Manchester. Since then, tens of thousands of delegates, comprising of dentists, orthodontists, treatment coordinators, specialists and other team members have now taken this programme in 14 countries world-wide including Canada, USA, India, Australia and all over Europe.

Ashley has written three books including, ‘Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy’, and ‘You Are Worth it’ (communicate your fees with confidence, so that you can achieve the income your services deserve) which is his latest book. He has also contributed to the Dental Masters Series.

In 2015 he was voted number 12 in the Top 50 most important people in UK Dentistry.

Ashley has now delivered over 34,000 hours of business coaching to the dental industry all over the world. He is simply the best at empowering dentists, orthodontists and their teams to communicate with their patients, which results in a world class patient journey, more patients saying YES to treatment plans and increased profits for the practices. Dentists have travelled from the USA, India and even Australia to attend his courses at his training centre in Manchester.

Ashley has a unique process which includes sharing proven strategies and coaching delegates in a fun and positive way, allowing them to develop new skills, new behaviours, and increased levels of self-confidence, this process allows for improved performance in the practice and improved results.

Ashley and all his team have a passion to help forward thinking dental practices develop world class communication skills, so that they can create the ultimate patient journey, allowing them to fulfil their full potential and reach their goals.

Ashley is a family man, married to Graziella for 20 years and they have two children Enrica and Martina. He loves spending time with them walking in the Lake District. He is a keen Manchester United supporter where he has had a season ticket for 40 years and he loves boxing and keeping fit. Ashley has run four marathons and walked the three peaks in under 24 hours raising thousands of pounds for various charities. 

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