Interested in selling your practice?

Our team has worked with many dentists and multi-owner practices throughout New Zealand to prepare practices for sale or succession. Our experience has created a refined approach to assist you right from the start of the sale process.

No obligation initial discussions 
Call to talk about your plans for your practice and we can provide you with general comments about your options. Whether your intentions are to sell the practice yourself or have LANZ.Dental help you, we can assist by providing an independent valuation of your practice, then guide you through the sales process via a licensed agent.

Practice Valuation
Whichever way you sell your practice - you will need a written valuation - this is a vital tool in its marketing. Our experienced valuer helps you to establish the price of your practice. Here's a list of the information we'll need from you and your accountant, to provide a written valuation.

How LANZ.Dental can assist
LANZ has the processes, client database and experienced staff to assist you. Let us guide you through this process, assisting each step of the way to a successful sale of your practice. When it comes time to sell your practice it is often easy to identify a buyer, you just need some assistance along the way - which can include business and finance support for the buyer.

Selling Process
View our simple guide to get an idea of what's involved when selling a dental practice. 

We assist you to gather the information that buyers need: your financials; your patient base; details of your practice and your plant and equipment; and details of the lease or ownership of the building. To make it easy, fill in the Practice Summary form and then register below and that way we have the relevant information we need.

From this detail we work with you to get an assessment of the value of your practice which is formalised as a written valuation to support your asking price. There is an initial cost for this service.

LANZ builds your detailed information into a profile of your practice to be used in marketing to interested buyers. Potential purchasers will want to inspect your practice at a time that suits you best, minimising the impact on your staff and patient base.

Following a period of negotiation between you and the buyer the sale is formalised in a Sale & Purchase Agreement. Via our licensed agent, we can assist both parties through this process with specific terms and conditions.

View our Fee Schedule and see how LANZ can assist you to achieve your goal of a successful sale. 

Lindsay Dey

Business Adviser
027 437 0977

Our licensed agent for practice sales transactions is Jeremy Craw - One Agency, The Property Specialist - licensed under the REA 2008.

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