Overseas Clinicians

New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country to visit, live and work in. Here you'll find untamed wilderness and plenty of diverse culture, along with unspoilt beaches, great surfing, outdoor pursuits, boutique wineries and plenty of cafes, restaurants and galleries if the cities are more your scene. So it's not surprising that we see a lot of interest from international clinicians who want to come to NZ - whether it's for a working holiday or something more long term or permanent.

Most of our vacancies are for private or corporate dental practices, although there will be opportunities for government health boards, hospitals, etc. you will need to enquire with them directly. 

What's involved in coming to New Zealand?

  1. You'll need to be registered to practise in your dental scope with the Dental Council of New Zealand (DCNZ) and have an Annual Practising Certificate.
  2. And you'll need to be eligible to work in New Zealand.

Registration with Dental Council New Zealand
For those international clinicians who have trained outside of New Zealand you can find out more about the various pathways to registration on the DCNZ website.
LANZ.Dental is able to provide general advice about what's involved in the process and we're happy to have a conversation about working as a dental professional in New Zealand, but for specific questions about your registration you will need to communicate with the DCNZ directly. They'll be able to provide you with information as to which pathway to follow and give you an idea of the documentation required and the time frames involved. 

Visa options to work in New Zealand
As each individual has different and specific requirements for their relocation to NZ, we would recommend that you seek advice from an experienced lawyer or immigration adviser, prior to making any decisions regarding your travel and before you start the online process with Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

Here's an information sheet which provides some background of the services provided by our preferred immigration lawyers at McMillan&Co.

You might also want to reach out to New Zealand Immigration Concepts to see if they can assist you or answer some of your questions about immigrating to NZ.

LANZ.Dental are not immigration advisers and we do not provide immigration advice. 

A bit more about the Kiwi lifestyle

Even though New Zealand is a small country - we are very diverse. So you have a huge choice when it comes to the lifestyle you want to live here - whether it's in one of the larger cities or towns, or something more rural. If it's surfing, swimming and kayaking at the beach, lakes and rivers; skiing in our pristine mountains or taking in the local and international theatre, music and art - there's something for everyone. You can explore and find out more about travel around New Zealand here. Immigration NZ has some practical advice on making the move to NZ here.

Everyone who works in NZ needs to pay tax. So you'll need to apply for your Inland Revenue Department (IRD) number and a set up a bank account so you can get paid. Many banks that operate in NZ allow you to get your bank account sorted before you arrive in NZ. The Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) has an apply before you fly approach. 

We have dental practice clients across both the North and South Islands of New Zealand who are looking for skilled and experienced dental professionals to join their team. You can register for free here with LANZ.Dental and we'll help you:

  • With the basics of what's required to come to NZ
  • Connect you with prospective employers
  • Review your resume 
  • Set you up with interviews
  • Provide access to immigration and relocation advice and support

** This information is intended as a guide only. If you require further information on your eligibility for a NZ visa, please seek professional immigration advice.**