Additional information about dentistry in NZ

Dentistry in New Zealand is generally practiced within the private sector, although patients with a low income are sometimes entitled to some government assistance or treatment within the dental departments of local hospitals.

Dental health insurance is surprisingly uncommon, although dental trauma and accident related injuries are subsidised by the government run Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).  Children are also covered by another government scheme called Dental Benefits.

The speed at which dentists work in New Zealand is generally slower than in the UK.  It would be unusual for a dentist to see more than 15-18 patients per day and a strong emphasis is placed on patient education and preventative advice.  A dentist can expect to earn a good salary by New Zealand standards.

In terms of paperwork, you will be required to register with the New Zealand Dental Council and apply for an annual practicing certificate (APC).  Indemnity insurance is also required, which can be arranged through the New Zealand Dental Association once you arrive in the country.

If you are looking for short or long term dental employment and would like more information please register with us.