Exciting new product at Conference

Whilst a large conference in September may seem a little unlikely we are taking a optimistic view and continue to support the NZDA with their conference plans. The conference is a very important event for the NZDA, from the collegiality to the revenue generation. We all benefit from the work David and his team at NZDA do, so I hope there is a solution.

We are excited to be helping launch my good friend, Luke Cronin’s product, QD Aligners as per below.

Last years lockdown was busy for LANZ.Dental, after clinicians reflected on their practicing life. Most associates stayed where they were, we saw very few dentists coming across the border, but they are now moving a little more freely. What we did see was a number of people used the time to sort their affairs and start the process of selling down their practices. Leading to the most successful practice sales period we have ever seen at LANZ.Dental. Bruce, who manages that side of things, is primed and ready to hear from more of you this lockdown.

QD Active Aligners listened to the dentists! 

The 2021 NZDA Conference is less than a month away, and the LANZ.Dental team is looking forward to sharing an exciting new product with you - QD Active Aligners. 

Clear aligner therapy is often daunting and seemingly complex. QD Active Aligners is there with you every step of the journey. We are able to give you case opinions prior to commencing treatment, expert clinical advice for your treatment planning as well as trouble-shooting assistance mid treatment. 

A question for those of you with intraoral scanners. Do you or do you want to use your scanner for aligner therapy - Invisalign, SureSmile, ClearCorrect, etc? Yes Yes

QD Active Aligners listened to the dentists!

Find out more about QD Active Aligners.

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Come and visit us on stands 58 & 60 and talk with Tony, Bruce and the team about buying or selling your practice.

We represent a number of serious buyers looking to purchase their next practice, as well as some new-to-market practices for sale.

Tony - Practice Sales              021 866 985       tony@lanz.dental
Bruce - Practice Sales             021 777 499       bruce@lanz.dental
Toni - Recruitment                  03 477 8777       toni@lanz.dental
Lindsay - Business Advice     027 437 0977     lindsay@lanz.dental

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