Introducing LANZ.Dental

3 August 2020

We're excited to launch our new brand. LANZ.Dental Lanz dot dental.

I started my dental recruitment business from my bedroom in Tokomaru Bay, East Cape  in 2003! We'd just had broadband installed so I felt I needed an internet company. After a slow start I merged with another almost identical company to form LANZ Recruitment and a few years later took control of that buisness.

We've since helped hundreds of employers and employees find staff and new roles. We've also helped many in and out of practice ownership. Amazingly many are still in the same role 10+ years on.

As the business has naturally grown away from its initial beginnings, I wanted to move the focus away from recruitment - but retain the identity of LANZ. LANZ.Dental will have new non-recruitment offerings around business growth, clinical registration support and further practice transaction products.

So, if you're looking to join a practice, grow a practice, or, buy or sell a practice we can likely help you do it better and faster. Through my own experience of buying, growing and selling my own practices and LANZ.Dental's collective experience helping clients, there isn't anyone better positioned in New Zealand to advise you.

Key things I've learnt over the years:

  • Good people are key. Find them and do what's needed to get them on your team.
  • Sell 5 years before you think you should and well before you need to.
  • When buying, don't focus too much on what's been happening. Focus on what you can make happen. You need to have a clear growth plan of your own for the practice.

Meet the team - Dr Tony Dey, Bruce McCormick, Toni Marr and Lindsay Dey

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