Time to buy that High-end Practice...

15 March 2021
Like many Dentists you will be concerned about the state of the economy. Certainly, COVID-19 has put the dental sector and its systems and procedures under scrutiny – and a lot of stress.

Our assessment, from involvement with and talking to the sector, is that many practices are achieving excellent results, even with the downtime. In the main these are the practices that appeal to high-end clientele. With little overseas travel, these potential patients have more discretionary funds.

Currently, because of the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought, prices have weakened a little, making this a good time to buy the right practice.

To make your practice a success, these vendors will work with you to ensure your profitability.


Wellington Central
You can have it all in this professional practice - location - equipment - patient base - staff.
With an excellent patient base and a great support team, take this opportunity to have a great practice, achieving excellent revenues and bottom line. This is an independent practice operating in conjunction with other professional dentists - sharing the workspace and the associated costs. More details here

Silverdale, Auckland
Established 5 years ago in a newly developed area, this is a 2 surgery practice with great revenues, bottom line and has room to expand. This professional practice operates modern equipment providing a high standard of care.The owner is looking for a buyer to provide continuing care for patients based on implant, aesthetic and restorative dentistry a1nd prosthodontics. More details here

Doubtless Bay, Northland
This modern practice has 3 well equipped surgeries showing growing revenues with the current year looking to be the best yet. Vendor is specialising and while keen to sell, will be available to assist the handover until November. More details here

Specialist Orthodontic practice
This modern specialist Orthodontic practice utilises leading edge software, with a self-managing team and a great bottom line. It is fully digital based and operates the latest in equipment with an Itero scanner for clinical ease and Orthotrac software. Cases are a mixture of fixed appliances and Invisalign. Vendor motivated to sell. More details here

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