We're looking forward to seeing you in Rotorua

The teams of LANZ.Dental and QD Active Aligners are looking forward to seeing you at the 2021 NZDA Conference in September.

Come visit us on our stand and see how you get on with making a bumblebee out of a cotton swab. Yep, just like when you were a kid and visited the dental nurse. We're running a competition for the best bumblebee and the winner will take home a cool massage gun.

All you have to do is make the best bumblebee out of a cotton swab and any other accessories we have on our stand.

Or you can make one at home or at the practice and then take a photo and:

We'd love to see how creative you can get and may the best Bumblebee win! 

Dr Tony Dey, LANZ.Dental Managing Director, along with Bruce McCormick, Practice Sales and Toni Marr, Recruitment will be on stand 58 in the Exhibition Hall.

Tony, Bruce and Toni will be pleased to meet and talk with you about your staffing needs, buying or selling your dental practice, what your succession plan is, valuation appraisals, and how the LANZ team can help you through your journey.

Due to the Trans Tasman bubble not being open,  Dr Luke Cronin of QD Active Aligners is unable to visit from Australia. But we will be demonstrating his new product - active aligners, on stand 60

QD Active Aligners was developed to simplify clear aligner treatment through predictable treatment protocols, superior clinical guidance, competitive pricing and world-class manufacturing.

QD Active Aligners created treatment protocols to ensure repeatable and predictable results. Attachment selection and movement over-corrections, inclusive within these protocols, provide the clinician confidence the outcome will be achieved. QD Active Aligners’ design team adheres to strict quality assurance procedures, delivering faultless treatment planning.

We look forward to catching up with you and if you'd like to book a specific time to see any of us please:

  • Click on the relevant calendar button below.
  • Choose a time on 17 or 18 September.
  • Once you book yourself a convenient slot, it will appear in your calendar and ours. 
  • Or phone Toni on 03 477 8777 to book a time with any of us

Dr tony dey Dr tony dey

Bruce mccormick Bruce mccormick

toni marr toni marr

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