Hismile Professional Whitening vs Phillips Zoom

Customs St Dentist lead dentist, Dr Tony Dey, specialises in creating natural looking smiles and providing bespoke treatments, including Hismile tooth whitening - to give his patients a perfectly imperfect natural smile.

Professional in-chair whitening has been a service that dentists have offered for decades now, and by utilising a peroxide-based formula, it’s an effective way to reverse years of staining and produce a brighter looking smile. Typically the formula will feature hydrogen peroxide as the active whitening ingredient, or carbamide peroxide which is a slower release form of hydrogen peroxide and is typically considered a safer option.

Although effective, this form of whitening can pose some risks, most commonly tooth hypersensitivity, mineral decomposition, and soft tissue irritation are all side effects that can be seen from peroxide-based whitening. Dentists have the ability to mitigate a lot of the risks involved with professional whitening, however, not always are they completely avoidable.

This is where Hismile has stepped in to create an option for professional whitening that completely avoids the possible negative side effects that typically occur. Hismile has produced a professional in-chair whitening treatment that is not only comfortable for the patient but also saves a lot of time by reducing the amount of work required for the treatment.

So what’s the difference between Phillips Zoom whitening and Hismile’s new professional treatment? Well quite a few things actually, so let’s break them down.

Firstly, the Phillips Zoom whitening formula is based on a more traditional whitening approach using a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide to break down stains within your teeth. Other than Hydrogen Peroxide, there are no other active ingredients in the formula that are providing additional benefits. The formula is fast acting but causes quite a high amount of dehydration to your teeth, this means you need to avoid all types of staining food and drink for around 1 week after treatment to prevent further staining from occuring during the rehydration process.

Hismile’s treatment on the other hand, utilises their patented PAP+ formulation to whiten teeth. The active whitening ingredient is Phthalimidoperoxycaproicacid (or PAP for short), and it works to break down stains in a very similar way to peroxide through a process known as oxidation. What makes PAP unique is its ability to oxidise tooth stains without affecting the mineral structure of your tooth in any way, this means your tooth can continue to protect itself from the external factors that cause sensitivity. Further to PAP, Hismile’s professional treatment also contains Hydroxyapatite and Potassium Citrate, two ingredients that are designed to strengthen your enamel and also soothe any pre-existing sensitivity that you might already suffer from.

Other than the different ingredients, Zoom and Hismile also utilise different hardware during the whitening procedure. Phillips Zoom provides a lighting system that operates within a range of 430nm to 460nm of blue light wavelength. Hismile however, has introduced a new technology that operates at a violet wavelength of 405nm. Studies show that the 405nm wavelength produces a greater effect on the whitening formula which ultimately increases the oxidising effects of the active whitening ingredient for more effective results.

The Treatment:
For reversing years of staining, whitening procedures are relatively convenient, but they’re not always comfortable. Hydrogen peroxide is classified as a skin irritant and is not safe to directly apply to your gums. Because of this, dental professionals apply a protective gum shield known as a gingival barrier to the soft tissue in your mouth. This process typically takes some time and is quite meticulous for the professional, it can extend the duration of the procedure and doesn’t always completely protect your gums from the effects of peroxide.

Hismile has a solution for this too. PAP+ contains no ingredients that irritate soft tissue whatsoever, this means no gum shield is required for the whitening procedure and no negative side effects to your gums. This speeds up the process for a much shorter amount of time spent in the chair with the guarantee of no sore gums after your treatment.

The Hismile professional in-office treatment now offers a faster, pain-free way to whiten. Each treatment typically takes 45-60 minutes and requires no post-op care due to the gentle ingredients that don’t trigger tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. One of the other upsides is that you don’t need to stick to a low-stain diet for a week, after a PAP+ treatment only 4 hours break is required before you can return to your normal dietary and lifestyle behaviour.

So the biggest question is, how do the results stack up? We’ve put it to the test ourselves and so have hundreds of dentists around Australia, and the results are definitely impressive. Phillips Zoom offers an effective whitening treatment that produces a brighter smile with every treatment, however it still has some flaws with there being a possibility of sensitivity or gum irritation, along with the procedure taking more time due to the application of a gum shield.

Hismile’s PAP+ professional treatment is a pain-free solution to these flaws with the formula guaranteeing no tooth sensitivity or gum irritation and a faster treatment time. The whitening results are effective and long-lasting but what’s most impressive is the shade of white that it produces. Because PAP+ causes no mineral or protein loss from the tooth, it produces a very bright natural shade of white; results that don’t look artificial but rather healthy and natural as they should. This type of whitening preserves the health of your smile and is something you don’t see often, it’s certainly preferable for those looking for a younger, natural looking smile.

So what option is best for you? Both treatments offer effective whitening results, if you’re looking for a brighter smile then both Hismile PAP+ and Phillips Zoom will be able to provide that. The question is though, what else should you consider? If you’re someone who suffers from sensitivity or doesn't want to risk experiencing sensitivity at all, then Hismile definitely has the solution for you. Not only will Hismile’s PAP+ formula not cause sensitivity, but it will also work to replace lost minerals back into your tooth which is ultimately going to leave them better than they were before.

Hismile also offers a large range of at-home whitening products so that you can continue your smile care treatment from home. Their products feature the same active ingredients as their professional treatment so the guarantee of no pain and sensitivity is still there. Visit www.hismileteeth.com to view their range of products.

Want to learn more about HiSmile? Then read our earlier article and watch a commentary from Emeritus Prof Laurie Walsh. You can also register your interest in Hismile Professional here.

Contact Customs St Dentist lead dentist, Dr Tony Dey, for your Hismile tooth whitening treatment today. 09 666 0050

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