I'm an influencer now

I treat plenty of influencers and have used them successfully to build the aesthetic sides of my business's. Now I'm trying to be one. Don't worry no photos of me in my bikini (yet)!

Many will be familiar with Hismile they invented influencer use in dental, having people like the Kardashians and Conor McGregor promote their at home whitening.

I have always admired what they have achieved and have kept in touch with Nik Mirkovic, one of the Co-Founders, over the years. These guys are really smart. They have managed to effectively creep into our space. 

That was a bit of a worry, until their latest launch. I'm very excited to be helping them spread the word about their professional teeth whitening product. The game changer here is NO barrier, the end of gum burns. It's hydrogen peroxide free!

If you don't know Hismile, you will know Professor Laurie Walsh and his incredibly well researched and sage advise. Hismile have been working with him on this PAP based product so the science is real.

A commentary from Emeritus Prof Laurie Walsh

Understanding PAP in dental bleaching video

And a key benefit is the formula of PAP+ has a shelf-life of 24 months.

Cost wise treatments are $AUD100 each. They are bought in packs of 10. Opening offer is a free light if you buy 4 packs of 10. It's a really sexy light.

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Dr Tony Dey

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