PPE Guidelines for Christmas

PPE Guidelines for Christmas

Serena and I have implemented a vaccine mandate and a plastic apron requirement for Christmas dinner. This applies to all family members, including my Nana and Grandad in their 90's, and any under 12's.
*Please be aware this guideline is likely to change late on Christmas Eve.

Some new additions to the Xmas lights this year.

What a year! COVID and the Governments management of the pandemic have been a challenge to say the least, especially in Auckland.  Those outside Auckland are now coming to terms with the stress us Aucklanders have endured for many months now. Who to treat, how, when, with who wearing what? I accept that the DCNZ have a tough job, but their fluid guidelines have been a challenge to navigate. And no - we haven't seen any sympathy in the media for dental, but it has definitely hurt.

My team has dealt with a significant number of people severely impacted by COVID lockdowns. My now ex-Lumino practice in Ponsonby saw a huge reduction to approximately 25% of the usual revenue. There are pockets of success though - cosmetics are in demand big time. I opened www.customsstdentist.co.nz during lockdown and we've completed 10+ veneer cases and multiple QD Active Aligner cases.

It's also been a great year at LANZ.Dental. The practice sales and practice valuations side of the business has never been busier. Lindsay, my father, has been heavily involved after semi retiring from Accounting. We have helped sell to associates, sold into corporate groups and sold from dentist to dentist. It's all go - we have a very strong group of qualified buyers and we can smooth the sales process with our significant experience and robust systems. Reach out to us

Despite 'the great resignation', recruitment has been tough with closed borders and hesitancy to start afresh. We have helped guys through MIQ, etc and that's getting easier and Kiwi dentists are starting to sniff around at new roles. Reach out to the other Toni if you're looking for a new role or a new associate.

As you may know I am involved with Andy Tapper's The Dental Group. The Dental Group now comprises of 7 practices - Matakana and Snells Beach north of Auckland, two in the Auckland CBD, one in Onehunga and Olivia and my two in Wanaka and Queenstown.

The model sees principal dentists retaining an equity stake in their practice and are given the opportunity to invest in the parent company. As I have said many times before, the success of larger group practices requires management to be accountable to well engaged wet finger dentists. Andy's structure basically assures this. 

Andy is looking to create a broad group of practices and is actively acquiring. There isn't a cookie cutter approach. Basically all practices would be considered from large multi site set ups looking for more equity to grow, through to retiring dentists looking for a quick easy exit. He is interested in rural and metropolitan locations. Reach out to myself or directly to Andy if you're interested.

Andy is also keen to hear from dentists who are interested in ownership.  You may not wish to take on the challenge of practice ownership on your own or the capital commitment may just be too great - if that is the case partnering with The Dental Group may be a perfect solution for you.

If your interest in The Dental Group is more general then click here to get added to his email list. If you already know Andy and want to reach out he can be contacted via email or cell phone 021 503 688.

Alternatively if you think you need some help, Bruce and Lindsay can assist for a fee. This process typically starts with a valuation appraisal of $2,000+gst

Our office is closed over the holiday season from 24 December 2021, but we'll be back refreshed and ready to assist you from 17 January 2022.

We will have limited access to our emails during this time, so if your message is urgent please text us, otherwise we'll respond to any queries when we're back in the office.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you in 2022.

Wishing you, your team and family a safe and healthy holiday, and a successful year ahead.

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